On Day the Sun Will Rise

From the first beginning   the Islamic groups have espoused a wrong notion and still persist on it , they  persist  on usurping the legal  power and ignored  our will  and considered that  Al-Jihad means  marginalization the other and fighting with him .

They forget that Al-Jihad in fact starts from ourselves , Al-Jihad means to fight with the enemy that  lurks  in our hearts and minds  , to fight with the  devil of selfishness , greed, fanaticism  and  insanity  of power .

Lately  our people began to  realize very well that we  have reached  a crucial point  and we have to start the battle , the final battle with ourselves  , we realized at  last that we are demanded to the overcome this psychological ignominy , this odious passivity  , this political mendacity and submission which are rooted in us.                                 I with some friends took a small  step in the right direction as we think , we opened a centre for supporting  women  , where women can learn English and informatics , nursing and  coiffuring , but we are still facing difficulties in finding a financier .

I am sure that no matter how dark things get, I am confident that resignation and despair may win in the short or medium-term  , but not forever and  one day sun will rise.

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A Greeting from my Heart to Palmyra

Despite of the brutal blackness that hangs over Palmyra , the remnant of its  monuments will continue to lighten  the world Museums ,  at least they are  in   a safe place  far from the hands of those  savage , we will visit it and we will brag of it  forever …..

Here tow  exemplar of Palmyra’s monuments in the Western Museums


A Bust of Aththaia, daugther of Malchos , period, AD 150-200 ,this one is in Boston Museum of America .


Funerary relief from Palmyra – Syria with Aramaic inscription carved beside the head.

(Limestone, 3rd Century A.D) ,this one is in  Glencairn Museum in Pennsylvania – America.

On the other hand here in my town (Saraqeb)  Al-nusraa  Continued  in violating  the  personal freedoms by imposing black uniform  on girls in Eblaa University .
They threatened those who may not abide by this decision that she will  endangered her life and her family life .

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Radicals has Swept .

Baal Shamin  is a temple located  in the Unesco-listed Syrian city of Palmyra.

Baal Shamin was built in 17AD and it was expanded under the reign of Roman emperor Hadrian in 130AD. Known as the Pearl of the Desert, Palmyra, which means City of Palms, is a well-preserved oasis 130 miles north-east of Damascus.

Its name first appeared on a tablet in the 19th century BC as a stopping point for caravans travelling on the Silk Road and between the Gulf and the Mediterranean. But it was during the Roman Empire – beginning in the first century BC and lasting another 400 years – that Palmyra rose to prominence.

Before the arrival of Christianity in the second century, Palmyra worshipped the trinity of the Babylonian god Bel, Yarhibol (the sun) and Aglibol (the moon).

All of this great history  ,thousands years of civilization  was blown up in minute by radicals,and  we stand stunned watching  them desperately   . All what we can do is talking ,the whole world talked , they condemned and denounced , but  they  turned a blind eye towards  the dirty  play  that shared by nations  that claim fighting terrorism while it support it  indirectly through  global  mafia that sell smuggled antiquities  by ISIS

I used to say every time they committed a resemble crime their terrorism will  not overcome our will , but What happened recently was the straw that broke the camel’s back,

Here in my small town Saraqeb   another crime committed by Al-Nusraa ( a radical faction supported by Saudi Arabia) , this crime nobody talked about it except some  faint , afraid  local voices ,
Al-Nusraa killed  Sujah  and   her sister Aisha on charges of supporting Al-assad regime  , they killed them just because their opinion was incompatible with theirs   .

I felt by Killing them ,they have  killed  the most important pillars of our  revolution , they have  killed the  principle of freedom of expression.

I am afraid  that  the expensive price which the Syrian paid from their  blood was for nothing , radicals swept  ,it is really hurts me to say that   , now I think about changing the title of me page from Syria’s rich heritage is at risk to Humanity in Syria is at risk   .

This  is a carving of Baal Shamin  , on his right the sun god “Arehibol”  and on his left the Moon God” Ejlibol”  this carving  is existent in the Louvre  now .

You can read on it the following words which represent the best Evidence of  the religious pluralism that prevailed at that time “Do not curse God  you do not worship”


I will  not add any more photos , because you can see the remains of the temple on internet pages .

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What does religion means ?

For me religion is that Invisible bind of nostalgia for that obscure past ,for the homeland that we came from , that spiritual thirst to the spring that we drunk from once.

Regrettably this nostalgia  or thirst  has faded in our heart  because of our minimum concerns and desire, we feel it when ugliness, chaos and injustice surround us , when we feel that we are strangers in this world , we are just guests and passers-by ,only at such moments we raise our heads into the sky and whisper my God ………… Where are you? That is religion .

That sense of responsibility , when we feel that we are indebted to a Merciful Great  Lord when we committed a sin or embroiled in injustice or slip into abysses of forfeiture ,at such moments when  we nod our heads in remorse and realize that we are condemned ……….. That is religion.

That  deep sense  of contentment we feel in moments of weakness that we are not alone ,and there is an invisible hand will help you ,  a gracious Lord will inspire you , a severe niche you can resort to .
That is religion.

Here i should stop to talk about    the spirit of any religion  and  the secret of its continuance , that  whiff without which the crutches of any religion will collapse,  and every grace will be wiped and disappear , I mean  love .
Love of God and his creation is the essence of all religions

All of the forms of worship are details and results of this old love , love is the basis in all of those rituals.
If we missed love ,every worship and good deeds will not make religion ,and a religious person will not be made, whether Muslim or Christian or Jew.

Thus simply all that is needed to be a religious person is monotheism and righteousness on morals and LOVE.

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Syrian Refugees Face Harsh Winter

As if the difficulties of life as a result of civil war is not enough in order to be added by other suffering as a devastating winter storm is sweeping across the Middle East, dumping snow on areas more accustomed to sandstorms and bringing misery to hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees. To write a new chapter to a humanitarian catastrophe that could dwarf all previous refu­gee disasters since World War II

Whether they are being housed in tent camps or informal settlements, or have sought shelter in abandoned or unfinished buildings, the onset of winter is compounding their deprivation and loss.


Thousands of refugees have been left stranded in the open-air with very little food and heating oil.

Baffling to stay alive, you can see some of them using brooms and sticks to try to clear the heavy snow from the tops of their tents, fearing the weight might cause the shelters to collapse. Inside the tents, adults could be seen huddling around the wood burning stoves to try to keep warm.

Some of them failed in keeping his tent set up as Sami whose tent had fallen on him and his wife at five in the morning .


Huda who fled from the regime militia told another story “it seems that my bad luck agreed with the war and bad winter against me and my family ,Once I was living at my own home with three bedrooms, central heating but I ended up in a tent
We do not have any means of Heating, yes are wearing socks and put blankets over our shoulders, laughing ironically with tear in her eyes , but they are wet , The wind storms tent and scatter things as if they were dry leaves”

We are slowly dying here, no one is coming to help us and we have nothing let’s someone try this cold for 30 minutes just to see what cold we have to go through. We are dying from the cold. This is not acceptable neither from the Lebanese government nor from the international community,” Huda said


Sixty-year-old Abu Ali is now relatively safe after fleeing the threat of Islamic State group jihadists in northern Syria’s Raqa province, but  his children are already coughing badly.

“This is our first winter here. We really didn’t expect it to be so cold,” said Abu Ali.

“we have no oil all we have is blankets and God’s mercy,” said Abu Ali, wearing a red and white keffiyeh scarf on his head and a traditional camel-coloured Bedouin robe.

“I am cold all the time, but there is nothing I can do to keep myself warm, so we play anyway,” said 12-year-old Hammudi, whose striking green eyes glistened in the wind as he wandered around in plastic sandals, his feet covered in mud.
those Syrians have two options to die either to die by fire of war or to die because of cold
This boy who escaped from the first option was the victim of the second , he died in the Shebaa region of south Lebanon after crossing over the border.


Syrians who live inside as us don’t experience better condition, yes we have sobia (a traditional Middle Eastern diesel or wood-powered stove )but the fuel is so rare and if it found it is very expensive.

Here a photo of our sobia ,actually this primitive heater warm those who are sitting around it, but the other rooms are almost A frozen and totally deserted except for bedtime Whenever I saw the reports I say to myself, Thank God at least i live at my home


Here a photo of our sobia ,actually this primitive heater warm those who are sitting around it, but the other rooms are almost A frozen and totally deserted except for bedtime Whenever I saw the reports I say to myself, Thank God at least i live at my home

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Some Simple Changes

Finally I found a small friend which i have been always dreaming of


The  beginning
Every Eid  we slaughter a sheep or a cow ( we call according to our religion, sacrifice) and distribute the meat to the poor, i don’t know from where he came ,  he began to wonder around  us  curiously   , i don’t sure whether he realized what would happen to  that poor ship,   he insisted on  wondering a round and Meowing ,at last he got his  portion .  I  put a piece of meat in a dish and offered  it to him as a pledge ,  Unknowing of cat’s nature , i  get close to him to watch him , but he  thought  I might steal his  meal , so he took it and fled to the garden to eat it .


He began to visit me every now and then and gradually with every meal i afford to him he began to trust me more and more ,  by time we became accustomed to each other, now  I can approached him without fear,in spite of being   forbidden  from entering the house, i can find a time to play with him  in the garden , yesterday we  played with this  read bead.


Another good  news :
My sister gave birth to a girl, she called her  Naya,  she is still in the hospital, probably she will return home after a week 
,she promised  that she  would send me  some photo s as soon as possible .

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Tales of War 3

What kind of wars that turned my home the place where i   feel  the warmth and safety to wreck.



What kind of wars that the turned  this divine beauty

DSC_0116 DSC_0114DSC_0112

to this ugly scene



Do you know  my friends what really  made ​​me feel sorry  ? I,m so sorry because   i didn’t take a photo of my favorite plant i mean  Jasmine( Yasmin in Arabic ), all what  i have is  a photo of its  carnage.


Ah this one has  survived but i want to show it to my friend derwandersmann .



What kind of wars  that deprive children of their schools , the twins  Amer and Mohamed fled with us towards the neighboring farm , they  are Smiling innocently  unaware  of the dark  future  that awaits them.


i saw the death angle approaching  with  his  grim  sullen gloomy face ,i heard him crying angrily ,for seconds i paralyzed completely , even my tong couldn’t say Al-Tashahhud ( we as A Muslim say before death “I bear witness that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of God) “whenever i heard a shoot i used to say this words , this time i couldn’t , just i said ” my God , my God “,then every thing turned to black , my mother’s whimper waken me “Rania are you OK ” when i heard her  i didn’t answer a bitter feeling of oppression and humbleness  were preventing  me from showing any reaction , lately i realized that the voice i have heard was the missile voice .

My friend last year after my uncle death i was completely desperate  , i preferred to stay away from every thing even from my favorite site Opera ,  it took me long time to recover , this time i decided to talk and tell you tales of war .

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Tales of War 2

Today is the anniversary of my uncle, Dr. Hani
On this day last year, a shrapnel hit him in his chest after a deadly missile strike which targeted his neighborhood.
uncle Hani Committed no sin , his only fault was he refused to leave Syria , he always insisted that his career is a humanitarian one and it imposes upon him to stay in Syria to help the needy .
I wonder Is this guilt according to the norms of war? is this sin which deserve such penalty ?

Rest in peace my best and dearest friend Hani



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Tales of War

 My life is so differ from yous , i have nothing special talk about except the war , What a paradox ,imagine the only privilege that I enjoy here  is the  war , which imposes itself   on  every detail of my  life , is short it became a new reality which i had to deal with  , so i decided to talk about this reality , I decided to tell you  tales of war

and here is the story of a palm tree :
2/8/2013 the brave  Syrian Air Force carried out 13 air raids on the civilian homes under the pretext of fighting terrorists ,it was   unforgettable date for all the people in my town,  bombs were falling  everywhere hurting  almost every  neighborhood in the small town  .
On that day our palm burnt , it seems that a shrapnel hit it . I was the first one who saw it , hurried to tell  my parents who just stood near the window  watching  it burning sadly ( this palm mean to them alot , my brother plant it  before leaving  Syria )   , i had to confess  no one dared to go out to quench the fire ,at last  a period of calm came   ,so we harried and  extinguished it.
the next day someone  who is  interested in the cultivation of palm told  us that in case  the top of the palm did not burn,  the palm have a chance to live .
fortunately it’s top didn’t burn, which mean we interfered in the right time that day , during the past months we do our pest to help it to recover , we watered it ,my father  fertilized the soil  , and the palm prove that it is really a strong tree and here is the result of our mutual effort 3





my father cut off  the burned leaves not all o of them  if you scrutinize the photos you can notice  the sign of fire on it’s bark and on the lower fronds  and above them you can see the new fronds  .

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At the Gardenia welcomed the summer

DSC_0040 ‫‬










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